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How it Works

It's super easy to get started with - add one line of code!


Add Product URL

Import any product from Amazon to your store in 1-click. Import any product from Amazon to your Shopify store in 1-click.


Order Fulfilled

Your visitors can view and buy the products. Orders get fulfilled by Amazon.


Monetize and Analyze

Amazon pays you commission for each sale. Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program - it's free.

Partner with Amazon

Use Spreadr to import complementary products from Amazon to your online store. When your users make a purchase Amazon fulfills the order while you make money 


Expand your store with products you never had

Choose from over a million products available on Amazon to add to your product catalog. Add products which complement your store and align with your brand. Make it bigger and more valuable.

Hassle-free new revenue stream

While Amazon manages inventory, customer support, and shipping, you get up to 10% as commission from all qualifying purchases.

Reach new audiences

Add new product categories that complement your brand. Appeal to a wider audience and monetize your influence.


Save time and money with the best features for growing e-commerce businesses

Fast & Easy Product Import

Just provide the Amazon product link & click Add. We use the official Amazon API to pull product info.

Consistent Store UI

Amazon products will be displayed in the same look and feel of your store.

Customize Product Details

You can edit all the details as per your requirement.

Keep 100% of Your Commissions

Spreadr does not act as a "go-between" between you and Amazon, you keep everything your refer!


App auto updates price & availability values of imported products to match Amazon so that your inventory and prices are up to date.

Uninstall Proof

Even if you delete the app, imported products continue to link to Amazon helping you earn commissions.


Provide a list of Amazon products and get them imported all at once.

Customer Reviews

Fetch and display Amazon customer reviews.


The app allows you to automatically add Shopify product tags while importing products from Amazon.


Spreadr detects the location of your users and takes them to their country-specific Amazon storefronts.

Markup Pricing

Spreadr allows you to set up pricing rules to add margin/markup to the products you import from Amazon.

Currency Conversion

Spreadr allows you to convert the product price to the base currency of your store when you import products from Amazon.


What our members are saying...


This is a super awesome app!!! It makes pulling in items from Amazon so easy and effortless... The support team of Spreadr is also very friendly and they helped me out in every step in setting up my store. They deserve a standing ovation!!!.... Highly recommended app.....Five stars !!!


I'm totally in love with this app, I wish that I'd known about it sooner! This has saved me days of product image and description uploads from the old "Copy and paste method". It's instantaneous as you start selling your products on Shopify straight away. Good work guys!

Radiant Life Essentials

This app is easy to use with the Amazon Associates program. Customer service and tech support are superb. I was struggling to get the correct button to integrate on to my store and the developer worked all day to fix it for me. Response time to my request for support and emails was less than an hour. Thanks a bunch!

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